New April 30th 2001:
Redesigned the cheackerboard menu, and all the buttons. It should be more clear now. And it works better, too. There has been several additions to the cast lately, Paletten's Cassiopeia and Nikki are their names. Nikki is the bunny. He won't appear very much, but he'll show up every now and then. Peia, on the other hand, is a permanent addition. A fourth cheeya is going to join the cast soon, his name's Jayhawk. More about how I got him and about the cheeya show in the weekend below the menu.

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Last Saturday was a chinchilla show, all three cheeyaz were there, and Birk and Blackie got good points. Cassiopeia has an inch-big bald spot on her hip after an accident the weekend before this, and, well, that pretty much made all of her points wacko. 60 points outta a hundred possible. The points that weren't affected by her missing fur were good, though.
Birk and Blackie both got 82 points, which was enough to make Birk 2nd in his class. Winner was, as usual, his dad. Nothing beats Chin when Chin's in top shape. Especially not a Birk that's fought with Cassiopeia a week earlier and just stopped recieveing medication for inflamed eyes. As usual, his tufty eyes brought suspection of slobbers, and as usual, he didn't like it when the judge looked at his teeth.
This judge we had farms chinchillas for fur, and everyone knows that the fur farmers have the best freakin' cheeyaz one's ever seen. And he had brought a grey male just for me to have a look at. I liked what I saw, and the grey came home with us, in Blackie's cage, whilst Blackie sat in my sweater. I named him Jayhawk, and he's a strong thing, I tell you. He will show up in the comics in a few weeks. Next comic will go up May 7th.

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